Sunday, June 14, 2015

1917 Mar 12 - Everyone is Washing

Mar 12 1917 Mon

Today is another beautiful day. The sun shines bright and I think perhaps some of the snow will melt off, which fell yesterday. This forenoon I stayed in my room and studied as Mon is a bad day to go out tracting, that is, in the forenoon, as it seems everyone is washing, and of course is too busy to stop and talk to us, so after dinner we went out tracting again, met with fairly good success. Every home I visited were Catholic and, believe me, they are a hard class to deal with. One woman wanted me to go over to the Priest and have my sins forgiven and then join his church Catholicism.

After tracting we came where we received my literature from New York. After supper I wrote to each of our missionary girls Lois and LaRue.

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