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1917 Mar 12 - Everyone is Washing

Mar 12 1917 Mon

Today is another beautiful day. The sun shines bright and I think perhaps some of the snow will melt off, which fell yesterday. This forenoon I stayed in my room and studied as Mon is a bad day to go out tracting, that is, in the forenoon, as it seems everyone is washing, and of course is too busy to stop and talk to us, so after dinner we went out tracting again, met with fairly good success. Every home I visited were Catholic and, believe me, they are a hard class to deal with. One woman wanted me to go over to the Priest and have my sins forgiven and then join his church Catholicism.

After tracting we came where we received my literature from New York. After supper I wrote to each of our missionary girls Lois and LaRue.

1917 Mar 11 - Church Twice

Mar 11 1917 Sun

This morning I looked out of the window and there is about six inches of snow. Fell last night and it seems like we are never going to have spring. So we laid in bed until eight o'clock, when we got up, had a shave, cleaned up, and we went out to go to some church. So we attended the Methodist Episcopal Church. The minister spoke very well, but oh the form they do go through, it almost gives one a pain to watch them and that how true the prophecy is said (they have a form of Godliness, they draw near to me with their mouths but their hearts are far from me, teaching for their doctrine the precepts of man, having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof.

After church, of course the minister came down by the door to shake hands with everyone and when he shook hands with us he wanted to know who we were and where we came from, so we told him we were Mormons and came from the West. And Greats you should have seen his eyes, all he would say is, I see, I see, and his face was as red as a beet. So we left him and said goodbye. It was sure funny he didn't want to know anything about us after he heard who we were.

We then went down the hotel for dinner and I can't help but laugh every time we go down there, for there is a young married lady, a daughter of the hotel keeper, who helps wait on the tables and she has a little girl who is about 2 yrs old that just thinks the world of me and she calls me the big boy. She would sooner be with me that her mother and so the little girl, whose name is June, and I have made quite a hit with each other. Until now I don't know which is trying to make the bigger hit with me, the girl or her mother, from he way the lady acts every time I go there of late. She is not bad looking at all, but gee, a person has sure got to be very careful what he does and says, for here in the East, if fellow would give them a finger, they would take a whole hand if they had the chance. I never saw so many fool girls as there are here. If I ever look at them they will give you a smile and a wink. My companion says he will have to put a veil over my head so they can't see what I look like, but I got so now I dare not look at them so I just turn my head or look at the ground. Some of the girls will even go so far as to speak to us, as we go along on the street. But thank goodness all the girls are not like that in this world. I wish they were all like our Mormon girls are at home and this world would be a whole lot better off. One can hardly blame the men or boys from falling when then the girls act like they do here in Ogdensburg.

In the afternoon we attended another church a the mission house, but it was only another Methodist service, the kind of people who believe that they are saved, all they think they have to do is to confess Christ and then we are saved. Gee.

After supper we stayed in our room and studied. I also wrote a card to Claudia Blair and Eunice Willitte at Burlington who treated me very nice while I was there and when I left I promised I would drop them a card when I got to my new home and so I did.

1917 Mar 10 - Two Books of Mormon

Mar 10 1917 Sat

We only went out tracting this forenoon, for the people are not home in the afternoon on Saturdays as the most of them are out shopping, but this morning I did quite well. I got two orders for Books of Mormon to be delivered next week. I also met a lady who had had a talk with President Joseph F. Smith some years ago. She treated me very nice and she also ordered a Book.M.

This afternoon I've been studying most of the time and tonight I wrote a letter to LaVern, took a bath and beat it to bed.

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1917 Mar 9 - Tongue Tired

Mar 9 1917 Fri

I take great pleasure in putting down today's work in this book, for it has been another day of success. I have been lucky enough to sell my first Book of Mormon today. I sold it to Mr. & Mrs. Fred Montroy, 28 Russell St. They treated me very nice, told me we were welcome to come & see them any time & also welcome to come & have dinner or supper or breakfast with them, and even come & stay overnight if we felt so desired. I thought it was real nice of them to treat us so. I promised we would come & spend an evening with them & sing for them by so doing we might win a home you see, ha ha.

In my day's work I also distributed 75 tracts, visited 33 homes & had 15 conversations, 11 invitations into their homes. I feel I have done well today, but I get so awfully tired walking around so much, and not only that, but I sometimes feel as though my tongue needs a little oil once in a while, so it gets tired talking so much.

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1917 Mar 8 - More Tracting

Mar 8 1917 Thurs

To day has been another day of success. I distributed about 60 tracts, I had eighteen conversations & had 17 conversations into their homes, and as a whole the people treated me swell. Once lady, after I had talked to her awhile, telling her what I believed to be wrong & right & what I was out her for & of my loved ones I left at home & myself out here in the world, a wandering boy alone, friendless & homeless, it reached her heart & she broke down & cried, said she wished all the boys were as good as me & felt as I do and this world would be a far better world today.

When I left she asked me to call & see her again, for she would be glad to have me call on her any time. I thanked her & left. Told her I would call again. Some class when you can get them to cry for you at your first visit to them. But such is missionary life. I worked six hours tracting & spent in four hours studying. I sure do get tired walking around so much, but it is enjoyment to me as long as I feel I am doing some good or kindness to someone else beside yourself. To have a kind word or a kind thought with someone that might start or lead to the straight and narrow path.

1917 Mar 7 - Met the Mayor

Mar 7 1917 Wed

After breakfast we came back to the room, got our tracts all ready & our books & went out to break the ice, and it just went fine. I was invited in to several homes & had twelve Gospel Conversations, sold two books, distributed 28 pamphlets & tracts and four Liahonas, quite a nice day's work. It took me about 6 hrs to do that much work. It was sure funny one place, I found an old lady out feeding her chickens, so I went out to the hen house & we had a dandy talk for half an hour. She thought so much of me that she called me dearie once. Some class, when you can get to talk tot them in a hen house.

We also called on the City Father this morning (the Mayor). He treated us very nice & he wished us all good success in our labors & told us to got ahead and preach as much as we pleased.

1917 Mar 6 - The St. Lawrence River

Mar 6 1917 Tues

We studied for a while & then I wrote a letter to LaVern and to Niels after which we spent the remainder of the day in sight-seeing. We saw them ferry the railroad cars across the St. Lawrence River. The ferry would hold 10 cars. It kinda makes me homesick to get over to Canada, for I can sit here in my room & look across the river into Canada.

We also went down & had a look at the large ships that are here, frozen in along the edge of the river. There is about ten of them here & it is sure some sight for me to look at. We came home & took our laundry out to the chink, had supper & beat it to bed.

1917 Mar 5 - Arriving in Odgensburg, NY

Mar 5 1917 Monday

We got out of bed at 4 am & took the train at 5in am for Odgensburg. We did not have time for breakfast & so we had to fast till one pm, when we landed in Ogdensburg, where it was snowing & blowing to beat the band. We, Elder Shumway & I, checked our grips at the station & beat it up town to see if we could find a place to room at. We roamed around four hours hunting for a room and I sure thought of home, for it was pleasure for us. The snow was blowing in our faces, cold homeless & friendless & with wet feet we wandered, for the snow was deep.

At last we found a room, which only cost us .75 per week, & the cheapest board we could find was 21 meals for five dollars, so we took that. Now I can tell you, such a day makes you think of my dear old home sweet home in Raymond. Gee I wish I was there again.

Odgensburg is a city of about 25000 people. It is situated on the St. Laurence River, a beautiful place, I believe in the summer, as there are so many trees around. But it doesn't look very encouraging now to a person, as it is so awfully cold & the snow is so deep. Give me Canada, or rather, Raymond. For mine, well, I'm going to bed.

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1917 Mar 4 - Leaving Burlington

[Written in red marker-pencil at the top of the page: "Leaving Burlington, Ver."]

Mar 4 1917 Sunday

Today is fast Sunday & believe me I am sure glad I had a big supper last night. I studied for about 3 hours. I then got ready for church, & after church, which was at 4 pm, Sister Griffin invited us down for supper & we were sure glad to have a a chance to go, for we were hungry.

After supper Elder Shumway & I bid them goodbye, called on Sister Blairs & bid them goodbye & then we went down to Coonrades & spent the evening & to bid them goodbye also. I kinda hated to leave them for they were so dear friends to me. They sure have treated me swell & the poor girls, Lois & LaRue, gee they hated to see me go away, for said they, I have grown so dear to them, for I am just like a dear old brother. For myself, I hated to leave them, for they were so much comfort to me and they always were ready to cheer me up when I would get homesick. They would do anything just to get me to laugh. They are sure two dandy girls, & I can tell you it was quite hard for us to say goodbye to each other. But such is missionary life, you no sooner become good friends & learn to know each other, when you have to be separated again.

We went home about 10 pm & beat it to bed. I had a hard time to keep that big old tear out of my eyes.

1917 Mar 3 - Saying Goodbye

Mar 3 1917 Sat

This morning I wrote two letters home, went down for mail & received a letter from LaVern & a birthday card from the Coonrade girls here in town. After dinner I took a bath & at four o'clock Elder Shumway & I were invited out for supper at Sister Blairs & we sure did make a pig of ourselves, eat, I thought I would bust. We stayed there until 9 pm a-singing while the girls played the piano, & when we left, the girls felt so bad to think that we were soon going to leave Burlington that they had to have another cry (some girls they are).

1917 Mar 2 - New Companion (Shumway)

March 2,2,2,2,2,2,2nd 1917 Fri

My birthday. I am 24 years old today. Little did I think on my 23rd birthday that on my 24th birthday I would be out in the world alone, 4,000 miles from home. Some birthday this is for me but I have felt pretty good, for I received a picture of Mother & Father & one of Nora, which was a dear present to me. All day I have been out visiting Saints, as that was better than staying home & becoming homesick. In the evening Elder Shumway, Weaver, [Lamberg], myself & the girls went out to Mrs Howards. Spent 3 hours with her. Had a very nice time. came home & went to bed for the first time to sleep with my new companion, Elder Shumway, with whom I am to labor with from now on, & I believe I will like him fine, for he is a good man.

1917 Mar 1 - Visits & Meetings

Feb 29 Thurs
Mar 1 1917 Thursday

After I had washed the dishes & cleaned up, Elder Howard & I went out visiting Saints. We called on three families & after dinner Elder Hawkins & I went out for a walk as it was such nice weather. We called at Mrs. Coonrade for a couple of hours & took some pictures of her & the girls.

Came home & had supper, then went & held a meeting at Griffins, where the missionaries who are to leave tomorrow for their field of labor gave somewhat their farewell speech. It was sure a nice meeting, for I enjoyed to hear them get up & express their feelings. I suppose my turn will be next Sunday as I don't leave until next Monday.

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1917 Feb 28 - Broken Garters

Feb 28 1917 Wednesday

This morning I took our washing over to Kittray & had a nice talk with her, & of course she had to love me up on one side & down the other as usual. I came home, studied for a while & in the afternoon Elder Hawkins & I & the girls went to the movies, & as we were going along the street LaRue Peterson broker her garter. She stepped into a place & fixed it, but no sooner had she come back & we went down the street when her garter broke again. I thought I would just die laughing at her, for it sure did make her feel cheap. At night we spent the evening at Sister Blair's. They treated me fine. They took me back in the kitchen, where they fed me on pie & told me my fortune.

1917 Feb 27 - More Ice Cream & Cake

Feb 27 1917 Tuesday

After breakfast I went out visiting. Elder Hawkins, Gish and I visited Sister Gouett. Stayed there till noon & after dinner we Elders & the girls had our Conference picture taken, twelve of us in all in the picture. After that the girls & I went down town a ways & had the picture of the forbidden fruits taken, it was sure funny. At night the twelve missionaries of us went out to supper for the evening, had a very nice time. They also served us ice cream & cake while there. At 9:30 pm we took our leave, came home & went to bed.

1917 Feb 26 - Conference Continues

Feb 26 1917 - Monday

After breakfast we got ready for church again, which was Priesthood. It started at ten am & was held until 4:30 pm, only 6 1/2 hours is all. That's not too bad for one meeting is it? But I never got tired of it one minute. All we missionaries bore our testimonies & then Pres Monson spoke for four hours to us in speaking, answering our questions & telling us what we should not do & what we should do. I would give anything if I could only talk like he can. But I hope to grow.

I came home & there was a telephone call waiting for me, it was from Clowdy Blair who was determined to have me come over to her place and & spend the evening, but I was unable to go, as we were all invited to another place, so I excused myself & thanked her , but she made me promise I would call on her before I leave. Sunday she gave me her picture & then she told me what she thought of me. I told her she ought not to feel that way over me, for I am an Elder sent out here to preach the Gospel only. She said she knew but she couldn't help thinking that of me ever since she first met me. I told her to forget such nonsense but she said she couldn't. I thought to myself, your cause is just but I can do nothing for you.

At 7:30 pm all of us Elders went down to Mrs. Coonrades, to the place where the two missionary girls stay, to spend the evening & we sure did enjoy ourselves. They served us ice cream & cake, & just before we left, which was 9:30, Mrs Coonrade came & whispered to me & said I could have the freezer to clean. I winked at one of the Elders to come & we stepped out in the kitchen & the three girls & us two guys sure did make pigs of ourselves. It was the first time I have really felt at home since I've been out here.

1917 Feb 25 - Preparing for Conference

Feb 25 1917 Sunday

All the Elders met here in our room & then we all went down to the Church house & fixed it up for Conference. In the afternoon we called for mail, came had dinner & at 2:00 pm we all met in the Church house which we had rented for meeting. We had a very large crowd, & if ever I attended a meeting where the Spirit of the Lord was present, it was there. Bro Monson sure did give a fine talk & every outsider sure did drink it down with their mouths wide open, & the way he gave it to them was not slow.

At 8:00 pm we held another meeting with just the success we as we had in the afternoon.

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1917 Feb 24 - Falling Down

Feb 24 1917 Saturday

After breakfast all the Elders met here and we divided out the bills, of which we had 3000, to scatter over the city. I had 300 to my share, so we all spent most of the day working at that. In the afternoon I came home, took a bath, got cleaned up, did some studying and ofter supper Elder Lymon and I called for the girls and went over to Sister Blair's, where we spent the evening in practicing singing for Conference, which will be tomorrow.

On the way home from Blair's, I never laughed so much in all my life. I laughed until I cried, for La-Rose and i were going along as nice as you please, when all at once she slipped on the ice, for the sidewalk was very slick. She fell flat on her back and when she fell she kicked my feet from under me and I fell flat on my stomach on top of her head, and her trying to get up prevented me from getting off. I just snorted out and by laughing so, I was too weak to do anything until I finally rolled on my back and just screamed. It didn't hurt either of us, only it was so funny and to cap it all, a large bunch came along just in time to see it all. We finally got up and laughed, we both ducked our heads and beat it and laughed all the way home.

You see, that's what happens when we are not allowed to take hold of the ladies' arms, for as Elders we are not permitted to take hold of the lady missionaries' arms, or any other ladies, while walking along the streets. The people who saw us fall, I guess they thought we were crazy. I sure felt like a fool.

1917 Feb 23 - Sing & Skate

Feb 23 1917 Friday

This morning all the Elders pent the forenoon with us here in the house where we laughed and talked and sang to our hearts content. In the afternoon we had to show the Elders a time, so we all went to a show and after supper we went out to the skating rink where we sure did enjoy ourselves.

1917 Feb 22 - Presidents Day

Feb 22 1917 Thurs

I spent the forenoon in talking to the new Elders who came in to conference and then it was George Washington's Birthday, so in the afternoon we all went to the show, the tickets were 5cents and at night we held a meeting at Griffin's place. But I spent most of the time keeping the cockroaches off from me during the meeting for they sure had me going some. They are about the same size as a spider and their house is just full of them. I would sit and watch them crawl around on the wall, when all at once one got on my neck and oh my I could hardly sleep, thinking they were still on me. After the meeting we went down for the mail and then Elder Lymon and I went up to the dancing hall and watched them cake walk for a prize. It was sure some dance. We then came home and went to bed.

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1917 Feb 21 - 104 Tracts

Feb 21, 1917 Wed

After breakfast I wrote a letter to LaVern and a card to Olga. I then studied until noon and after dinner I went to the post-office where I received a letter from LaVern. After that we went out tracting which was sure great sport. One old lady took my tract, went back in the house and I turned to go when the door opened like a shot and the old lady came and out and said

you Mormon! and said take these tracts back and shook her fist in my face. I don't want such trash around my house. I am 70 years old and I know all about you. I say take these tracts, take them, take them and then she slammed the door in my face.

I couldn't get a word in edgewise but I took it as a joke and laughed. In my travels I got rid of 104 tracts so that was not so bad. After supper the two girls and us 4 Elders went out visiting some Saints and also Mr. Andrews and family. He was sure some talker.